Synova is an organization of business consultants that utilize technology or innovative techniques as a tool to achieve business objectives on behalf of its customers. Think of us as the consultant’s consultant.

At Synova we have extensive and deep expertise across many different industries gained across various countries. We draw on our highly experienced teams to help you get the best out of your own teams so that they can perform better and thereby giving an improved return on investment.

We do not conform to the norm and utilise out of the box thinking to assist our clients achieve their objectives. We take pride in the fact that our experience is not limited to any specific industry or sector. Our ability to integrate and understand differing perspectives together from a wide range of industries and businessesallow us to apply specialist knowledge to all our clients’ assignments. Action without delay is the secret of efficiency has always been our motto.

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Information Technology

In today’s economic environment, technology is the differentiator and as such can deliver competitive advantage to a company. This applies to any industry or sector. We utilise internationally recognised methodologies

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Innovation & Strategy

In a globally competitive environment, innovation is key to creating new markets by way of new products and processes. We assist our clients to achieve beyond their expectations by creating an enabling environment.

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High Performance Centres

We are masters of collaboration and our consultancy in the establishment of High Performance Centres (HPC) is no exception to our culture of partnering with the best in the business to achieve our clients objectives.

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Marketing & Business Consultancy

We believe that marketing is absolutely critical to any organisation’s survival. It either assists in maintaining a company’s market share or position or enables it to improve market share. Taking due cognissance of this fact will ensure that an organisation maintains sustained marketing strategies and activities that will keep it ahead of it’s competition. We assist our clients with their marketing strategies utilising innovative techniques and technology and assist them in new product development.

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