High Performance Centres

We assist our clients from planning, design, commissioning and operating of High Performance Centres. We are actively involved in every step of every process.

High Performance Centres combine world-class training facilities, medical services, accommodation, nutritional food, scientific expertise, research and hospitality thereby making them the preferred training facility of the world’s best athletes.

At SYNOVA we pride ourselves in being able to collaborate with the best in the business of high performance centres. We assist in setting up sports academies that deliver improved performance from athletes of various sporting disciplines.

Our commitment to our customers’ objective of developing international calibre sports talent is exemplary.

We assist in providing an environment in which talented young sportsmen and women can be developed in an integrated and holistic manner.

SYNOVA Consultants guide our customers and assist in the provision of facilities and expertise that will enhance the development and performance of elite sports talent on provincial, national and International levels. This is done in collaboration with national sports federations.

Such sporting facilities normally attract international athletes as well as local sporting bodies for training camps or specific team preparation.

A Sport Science and Medical Unit is created to support high performance athletes on their way to achieving their full potential. The sport science and medical services include performance enhancement, sport science testing, sport medicine, nutrition and rehabilitation. All the professionals involved operate as a team and a multi-disciplinary approach is followed during the treatment and rehabilitation of any athlete.

As part of a very scientific approach, Biomechanical and video analysis services are made available to both teams and individuals. A consultative process is followed to ensure that appropriate information relevant to the level of players and coaches, seasonal criteria, sport specific elements and injury prevention is provided. The main components of assessment include:

  • Individual skill and technique assessment
  • Individual competition analysis
  • Team play / game assessments
  • Functional movement screening

A High Performance Centre is a necessary part of an athlete’s arsenal if he/she is to have an advantage in their chosen sporting discipline. On a national level this can mean medals or trophies.

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