Innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that affect markets, governments and society.

Innovation is the end result of an entity’s strategic activity.

We thrive on facilitating our clients strategic activities that ultimately lead to innovation.


Strategy therefore is the direction and scope that an organisation takes over the long-term to achieve competitive advantage by way of a particular mix of resources in a challenging environment to meet the needs of it’s chosen markets with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder expectations.

We at SYNOVA partner with you in this process of defining, planning and final execution of your strategy.

In the formulation of strategy SYNOVA answers the following questions on your behalf :-


Strategy is executed at all levels of the business with overall corporate strategy at executive level being filtered to the various departments or business units. The operational strategy in then geared towards the corporate strategy in terms of focusing on issues of resources, processes, people, technology etc.

SYNOVA takes an active role in all these activities from strategic analysis & planning right through to final execution at all levels of the business.

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Financial Services

The financial services sector is always a highly competitive environment, a situation exacerbated by regular changes to regulations. With our experience in some of the biggest local financial institutions.

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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development is a mechanism that companies can use to achieve 2 objectives, one improve their BEE points and secondly to assist in the development of South African companies which could go towards much needed job creation.

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High Performance Centres

We are masters of collaboration and our consultancy in the establishment of High Performance Centres (HPC) is no exception to our culture of partnering with the best in the business to achieve our clients objectives.

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Marketing & Business Consultancy


We believe that marketing is absolutely critical to any organisation’s survival. It either assists in maintaining a company’s market share or position or enables it to improve market share. Taking due cognissance of this fact will ensure that an organisation maintains sustained marketing strategies and activities that will keep it ahead of it’s competition. We assist our clients with their marketing strategies utilising innovative techniques and technology and assist them in new product development.

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